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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Severity
771Russian translation for navigation moduledemiandefectclosednormalnormal
814If URI has an alias, it is impossible to dynamically switch a languagejcasanovadefectclosednormalnot categorised
870SimpleDriver fixesdemiandefectclosednormalnot categorised
912navigation data seems to be brokensomebodydefectclosednormalmajor
965nav: vertical simple css fixsomebodydefectclosednormalnot categorised
1001nav addon params save fixdemiandefectclosednormalnot categorised
1002remove LIMIT from DA_Navigationdemiandefectclosednormalnormal
1023"Trying to get property of non-object" in DA_Navigationdemiandefectclosednormalnot categorised
683remove messages from DA_Navigationdemiandefectclosedhighnot categorised
893PostgreSQL has no nav for member roleajdefectclosedhighnot categorised
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